Fig Leaf Aprons

In our Sunday morning message we examined the inadequacy of fig leaf aprons. After man sinned in the garden he tried to cover his nakedness with a fig leaf apron that he made. He was not only physically naked but also spiritually naked as he was now guilty before God. After he attempted to clothe himself with a fig leaf apron he still found that he was naked and ashamed therefore when he heard to voice of God walking in the garden he attempted to hide himself. We noted that fig leaf aprons are not only inadequate and unacceptable before God, but they are also unnecessary. If we will confess our sin to the Lord and trust in Him as our personal Saviour He will not only wash our sins away but He will also clothe us in His own perfect righteousness which is the only way that we can truly stand before God properly clothed and unashamed. Thank you for stopping by our webpage. We would love to have you visit us in person.

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